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The Early Point

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What company size is right?

Note: If you haven't read the first post in which i define "The Early Point", then your not ready to read this post. Do not pass not collect $200.

I remember when I was in my last year of university, the professors and career counsellors were very clear about what path they thought we should all take. If possible, we should go into either Investment Banking, Management Consulting, or Accounting. Now, regardless of which of these 3 careers we chose, they were all in agreement that the company we went with should be BIG. Their thought process went as follows- a really big company on your resume is the most important thing to kickstart your career. Without a big name, your career would never be big. The professors and career counsellors never mentioned that there was a whole world of amazing, energetic, young, SMALL company's out there.

In the end, a number of friends and acquaintances went with the small company alternatives and their careers have thrived. Their resumes were not harmed as the professors and career counsellors would have you believe.

Myself, I did what they encouraged, and went with the biggest Accounting/Consulting firm in the world- Arthur Andersen. They were huge!! They also became the notorious company that provided questionable services to Enron, and who folded under the weight of a federal obstruction of justice charge.

What I feel this lesson has taught me is that everyone has opinions about what company size is right for you. I think its up to all of us to ignore the chatter, drown out the noise, and go with the culture that suits our personalities. Luckily, i've realized that given i'm still at the Early Point in my career, my options are still on the table. I just need to make my move...


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